About ACWS

American Car Wash Supply was founded in 2007. Our Mission was simple: Build quality car wash equipment that is efficient, easy to maintain, provide effective cleaning, and long lasting. Our equipment is made from stainless steel and motors made in the USA. We build our equipment to the needs of our customers, and also do installation and repairs. We have a full inventory of motors, parts, cloth and other items you might need to keep your car wash running. ACWS has become a premiere distributor of car wash equipment, replacement parts, and point-of-sale items. We are one of the nation’s oldest and most experienced suppliers, and have the know-how to assist you in all your car wash needs.

From the beginning, we’ve followed a simple formula: Provide our customers with quality car wash equipment, parts and cleaning solutions at a competitive price, deliver them in a timely manner, and back them with the best customer service in the car wash industry.

Whether you are looking to replace a conveyor chain, need a new car wash coin-operated vacuum or high-pressure pump, ACWS carries a full line of replacement parts and equipment for the car wash industry.